My name is Amirhessam Tahmassebi.

I am currently working as a Data Scientist in the Cerner Intelligence at the Innovation Campus of the Cerner Corporation, Kansas City, MO. Additionally, I am an Affiliated Courtesy Faculty in the Department of Scientific Computing at Florida State University starting October 2018. I am leading Dr. Anke Meyer-Baese Research Group.

I've received my PhD in Computational Science from the Department of Scientific Computing at Florida State University. My PhD focus was on data mining and machine learning. My PhD dissertation title is "Pattern Recognition in Medical Imaging: Supervised Learning of MRI and fMRI Data". I was working with Dr. Anke Meyer-Baese on different [Big] Data Mining projects to employ Machine Learning algorithms in Medical Imaging area such as NeuroImaging and Breast Cancer. I have so far published 40+ scientific papers in prestigious journals and conferences and 2 book chapter.

In addition to this, I am also interested in applying various algorithms such as Dynamical Graph Theory, Optimization, Genetic Programming, and Deep Learning in [Big] Data Mining projects which are related to different fields of science. All the details would be found in Projects & Research Interests.

With 8+ years of extensive hands-on and research experiences in the field of Data Science, Scientific Computing, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling, Statistical Analysis and Data Visualization.

Proficient with Python, PySpark, SQL, SAS, R, C/C++, Fortran, Keras, TensorFlow, NLP, Parallel Programming (OpenMP, MPI, CUDA, & OpenACC), Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Algorithms.

Solid Mathematics and Statistics education background due to the 6+ years studying in the field of Physics with superior professionalism, strong attention to details, and exceptional abilities of managing time, tackling challenges and delivering beyond expectations.

Self-motivated, creative and collaborative with excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills.

Please check out my One-Page Résumé , Full CV , and Data Science Portfolio .

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